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How to measure and maintain your cycling fitness... for life!

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

As we train we are improving our power to weight ratio otherwise known as W/KG. This is an important metric that will determine how strong you climb hills, how fast you go on the flats and which group your ride and race with. The bottom line, the higher our W/KG number the better cyclist we become.

Just as a reminder, calculate W/KG by taking your current FTP power number and dividing it by your weight in Kg. Example: 200/80 = 2.5w/kg

How does your W/KG Compare?

You know your w/kg but how does it compare with other riders of the same age and gender? This has been a common question but surprisingly very little data published.

To find the answer I compiled raw power data from 1873 riders on the Zwiftpower website. I looked at the most popular ages categories, 40+, 50+ and 60+ riders and compared their 20-minute sustain power and w/kg. (See how you compare below)


Masters age riders (40 and above) both men/women are FIT cyclists!

Men and women masters aged cyclists on average scored close to 3.0/Kg. That's impressive results for cyclists at any age! Even more impressive, 20% of men and 11% of women age 50+ had 4w/kg and higher! More proof that we can maintain impressive power and fitness levels as we age.

Men and Women have very similar W/kg fitness.

On average men push 65-85 more watts than women. But when it comes down to w/kg men and women are much closer in comparison.

Men were only .6 higher in the 40+ category and only .2 more in the 60+ category vs women. Pound to power both genders are generating impressive w/kg numbers!

Bottom line: Don't stop!

Obviously, we all lose fitness as we age for a variety of reasons. I can speak from experience (59 in March), It's just harder to train as I get older. I have to fight weight gain, declining peak power and longer recovery period after hard workouts.

That being said, I am encouraged and inspired to see so many 40+ age cyclists performing at impressive levels outdoors and indoors. We may not be able to stop the aging process but we can certainly slow it down! With the right mix of training intensity, endurance training and recovery we can achieve more than we think and longer than we imagined! I am already looking forward to my next ride:) Keep it rolling!

Share your thoughts and stores below!

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