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Mike Stensrud 

USA Cycling Coach

Training Peaks Coach Level 1

Former LifeTime Fitness PWR Cycle Instructor

Recent Results:

2021, 2022 Arizona State TT Champion  60-64

2022 National Masters TT 5th Place Podium

2021 National Masters TT  9th place   60-64

2019 Minnesota 50+  All-Around Road Champion

Favorite Race/Event:

LOTOJA  Classic Road Race (203 miles) Jackson Hole, WY

Completed: 13      Top 5 Finishes: 4      Best: 2nd place

Favorite training Route

Redwing, MN -  Lake Pepin Loop  ( 69.8 miles )

Arizona -   Sonoran TT Loop 

Favorite Grand Fondo

Tour de Tonka (100 miles)  Minnetonka, MN



Zwift Races Completed


438 and counting  cat "B"


​Riders I admire the most?

   Karen Stensrud and Greg Lemond




CFL Coaching is all about supporting, educating and celebrating the growing number of cyclists over 50,  their achievements, challenges and the pursuit of staying fit and healthy for life. My name is Mike Stensrud and I have been cycling for nearly 40 years. I am 61 years old, focused on maintaining my fitness, still motivated to train, compete and test my physical limits. I am fully aware of my physical limitations as I age yet, curious on methods to best maximize my training, recovery, diet and mental freshness to maintain my fitness. We are all encouraged, motivated and inspired when we see masters age athletes accomplish amazing results. Is it genetic, mental toughness or is it possible that within all of us lies the potential to accomplish our own epic performance as we age?  There is plenty of evidence available that proves we can still kick some butt if we do the right amount of training, recovery and consistency to reach our cycling goals.

This site is dedicated to look deeper into this question of maintaining fitness as we age! My goal is to  provide education, training tips, healthy life style options, diet, and your success stories to inspire us all to be the best we can be today and for years to come. Welcome aboard!








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