Mike Stensrud  Owner/Coach

USA Cycling Coach

Training Peaks Coach Level 1

Former LifeTime Fitness PWR Cycle Instructor

Best Result:

2019 Minnesota 50+  All-Around Road Omnium Champion

Favorite Race/Event:

LOTOJA  Classic Road Race (203 miles) Jackson Hole, WY

Completed: 13      Top 5 Finishes: 4      Best: 2nd place

Favorite Route

Redwing, MN -  Lake Pepin Loop  ( 69.8 miles )

Favorite Grand Fondo

Tour de Tonka (100 miles)  Minnetonka, MN


Favorite ZWIFT Course


Zwift Races Completed

300 and counting  cat "B"

Zwift Race Rank - 60+  Feb 2021

Overall Global - 17th   USA - 8th

​Riders I admire the most?

   Karen Loomis XXOO

Greg Lemond




Don't let anyone tell you that you are "over the hill" when you turn that magic number 50, especially if you ride a bike! It is simply not true. We all know men and women who are incredibly active and fit well into their 50''s and 60" even 70's! I am proud to be part of this large and fast-growing group of master riders and looking forward to hitting my sixties this March. It all starts with a positive mindset, never-ending goals, and unwavering dedication to achieving your personal best. There is no secret that our bodies change as we age, and we may need more recovery between those intense rides but the rewards of cycling can be life-changing. Like so many of you, being outdoors riding my bike is pure joy! I feel ageless when I am on my bike. Well, most of the time:) The fitter I get, the better it gets.

​I believe training should be purposeful, motivating, and rewarding to have lasting results.  Training needs plenty of variety and workouts carefully tailored to meet YOUR fitness needs rather than a generic workout plan. We will discuss YOUR goals and create specific training zones that will build your sustained power and endurance. Most importantly, we will create a flexible weekly training routine that will fit nicely into your lifestyle. The objective is to deliver measurable results that will motivate you to push for more! 


As your coach, I am truly honored for the opportunity to be of service. I love cycling and enjoy sharing my passion, 30 years of experience, and knowledge with other cyclists like you.


                                                              Training is a lifetime journey!