CFL Personal Coaching Service    $150.00/mo  (limit 25 athletes)


CFL Personalized coaching service


The key to any success is the result of consistent quality action over time. The same holds for cycling. It's not the number of miles you ride but rather the quality you ride those miles especially for riders over 50! We all know that as we age we lose muscle mass, Vo2 max, lower max heart rate, peak power, and so on. The good news is with proper training we can delay the effects of these changes and still maintain a high level of fitness longer than we ever thought possible!


As your personal coach, I will use the latest training techniques and coaching metrics to measure and guide your training and progress. You will also have my  30+ years of cycling success and failure experiences as an additional resource:)   Every athlete is different but the journey to success remains the same, consistent, purposeful training over time is tough to beat!   So Don't Stop!


              Here is what my coaching service provides:

  1. Initial CFL fitness test to identify your cycling strengths and growth areas.

  2. Creation of your cycling power training zones and target weekly Training Stress ceiling.

  3. CFL Personalized training plan

  4. Ongoing communication and coaching weekly via phone/email.

  5. In addition, you'll learn how to maximize your recovery days, manage stress, improve your climbing skills, avoid overreaching and burn out,  properly "peak" for your event, overcoming self-limiting habits, avoiding illness/injury, understand and manage weekly TSS (Total Stress Score), increase your FTP   (20-minute power), determine your training duration per week, how much rest you need between workouts, how many intensity workouts are best for your per week, unleash the power of "sweet spot" training, helpful diet tips to fuel your rides, proper indoor cycling studio set up,  improve your race results in ZWIFT and other ZWIFT events, and so much more!







This unique service is designed for the athlete who is “self-coaching,” but looking for additional support, analysis, and guidance from a coach.

There is no shortage of training data to view after each ride. What does the data tell you? How does the data help you train smarter? Where are key areas you can improve to maximize fitness and gain more power and better results? As your training consultant, I will be your extra eyes to analyze your training data to identify strengths and areas to improve and avoid!


I will review your training data each week and provide a 30-minute one-on-one phone call to discuss data and training suggestions. I will review your FTP settings, proper training zones, review your weekly TSS to manage your stress, ramp rate, and peaking objectives. 

The ultimate goal is to support your cycling efforts so you can concentrate on training and performing at your best!

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This consultant coaching service provides the following:

  • ​Initial consultation with a coach to discuss your needs and expectations

  • Weekly communication on current training and racing data

  • Downloadable workouts via TrainingPeaks

  • Threshold testing